McDonald’s and Pizza Hut plan to enter Iraq and Baghdad

McDonald’s and Pizza Hut plan to enter Iraq and Baghdad, the most prominent candidates to host commercial Alamathma

17/03/2014 17:29

McDonalds and Pizza Hut plan to enter Iraq and BaghdadFollow-up – and babysit – announced the national body for investment, on Monday, Post 10 American companies, notably the (McDonald’s) and (Pizza Hut), in addition to the companies Hospitality and Tourism conference in development opportunities for special privileges in Iraq, and with an eye to nominate a number of provinces, most notably Baghdad to enter those brands which, the U.S. Embassy confirmed that the existence of such a global companies in Iraq will foster the economic sector in Iraq.

The head of the national body for investment Sami al-Araji: “This conference is the first of its kind in Iraq because of the nature of the investing companies and the quality of investments raised,” noting that “the Authority met in (21/04/2014) with a delegation from the U.S. Commerce Department and the U.S. embassy in Iraq Building the Authority and discussed how to enter the investment in Iraq, particularly with regard to opportunities privileges (brand). ”

Araji said that “the conference, which will continue two days and involving about 10 U.S. companies specializing in the field of restaurants Kmcdonnalds and Pizza Hut, as well as corporate hospitality and tourism included an explanation about how to deliver the basic concepts of the franchise rights to use the mark, or the name or trading system U.S. and management of the activity in Iraq. ”

He said al-Araji said, “The conference included two sessions, the first session progressed where U.S. companies donor privileges detailed explanation about the nature of the granting of the mark and the franchise and display what is there to have the services of different business than during a meeting with a number of Iraqi businessmen working in the Iraqi private sector to contract agreements.”

He said al-Araji, “while the second session have included the launch of Iraqi private sector potentials to exploit that mark in terms of space and staff and expertise available to him and other things logistics that must be known to the company granting the privilege to be able to lay the foundations for an agreement, which can not be Under the agreement, which will be held under the auspices of the government Iraqi uses other person or entity of the mark only agree with him that the U.S. company donor. ”

He said al-Araji, that “the body was nominated a number of provinces, most notably the capital of Baghdad to enter those brands it as a first step followed by other steps to cover those brands all over Iraq,” noting that “the nomination is based on the purchasing power of citizens and constituents logistics for each province.”

For his part, charge d’affaires at the U.S. embassy commercial (Jean Droushr): “The existence of such a global companies in Iraq will foster the economic sector in Iraq because of its size and big name.”

He called Droushr Iraqi businessmen to “Investment opportunity to obtain the franchise rights for American brands in Iraq optimally, which provides various services for the Iraqi family even up to open Malls and universal in all governorates of Iraq to achieve its usefulness for all parties.”

He Droushr that “the Iraqi market, promising market and a breeding ground for the entry of international companies and the PPC high.”

Mentions that there are approximately one million company concessionary in the United States, including 50% of the sales volume in the U.S. market and local employees, representing 2.6% of the labor force in the U.S. private sector, as companies are privileged this contributes to 4% of the total production of the domestic annually there.

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