Chairmans Message

G0NFZfpXJIB_9645-dhia1It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the newly upgraded website of the Iraqi Business Council of Abu Dhabi.

The Iraqi Business Council of Abu Dhabi (IBCAD) was established as a non-profit organization to provide and propel economic relations between the United Arab Emirates and Iraq.

Our website serves as a platform of communication with the international community and shows our constant avidity towards playing an active role in the social, cultural and economic scope. To achieve this aim, we strive to organize numerous events throughout the year such as: economic conferences, business luncheons, special meetings with guest speakers and a number of social and cultural gatherings. Details and photos of past events can be found in various sections on our website for viewing at your discretion.

IBCAD aspires to guide businesses in the UAE and Iraq to meet and synergize with each other in order to create an amiable and continuous investment dialogue between the two nations. We strive to establish direct links to Iraqi institutions and support initiatives of businesses from both nations, in order to further develop an economic policy favoring a free market economy.

The Iraqi Business Council of Abu Dhabi welcomes and encourages people of all backgrounds to reach out and contact us in case of interest in our organization or events.

Finally, I would like to thank all members of the Council who have worked continuously to bring forth all the remarkable achievements that we have attained so far. I hope that we will constantly move forward towards accomplishing even more of our goals in the future.

Dhia Al Shakarchi



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