Electricity: production of energy in the Middle Euphrates more than [3] thousands of megawatts

The electricity Ministry announced the arrival of electric power production in the Middle Euphrates more than 3,000 megawatts. A spokesman for the Ministry of electricity-the teacher who received all Iraq in “production plants of electricity Directorate in the Middle Euphrates arrived [3060] megawatts.”The teacher added that production would increase in the coming days after the completion of maintenance and rehabilitation of some units, despite the low pressure gas to natural gas stations. The electricity Ministry said 29 of last month near processing citizens [24] hours from the mains after entering production plants and linked to the national grid system.

It said in a statement that the Ministry “will of citizens [24] hours of electricity as of next week [last week] after the increase in the processing [12] hours,” adding that “the production system was [12100] megawatts, while total energy demand [viewed] megawatts.” over

Saturday, 08 February 2014

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